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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Wed Jan 12 15:50:47 CST 2011

Brian Taylor wrote:

"Some one suggested Zookeys to me but the page charges are horrendous for someone, in my case retired, without access to any substantial external funding."

ZooKeys waives charges in such cases. From the ZooKeys website:

Discounts and Waivers

Open Access Publication Fees are usually covered by institutional funds and grants. We understand, however, that many scientists work either privately, or under harsh financial conditions, or continue enjoying their work after retirement. Therefore, this journal offers the following discount and waiver options:

    * Discount of 10 % is offered to:
          o Scientists working privately
          o Members of institutions who have subscribed for the print version of this journal
          o Graduate and PhD students, if they are first authors
          o Scientists living and working in lower-middle-income countries (http://www.worldbank.org/data/countryclass/classgroups.htm), if they are sole authors of a manuscript.
    *  Discount of 15 % is offered to:
          o The journal's editors and active reviewers (3 or more reviewed manuscripts during the previous and present calendar year)
    * Waivers (once per year per (co-) author, for manuscripts not larger than 10 printed pages, or for the first 10 pages of a larger mansucript) are offered to:
          o Retired scientists
          o Scientists living and working in low-income countries (http://www.worldbank.org/data/countryclass/classgroups.htm), if they are sole authors of a manuscript.

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