[Taxacom] another human-orangutan similarity

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Wed Jan 12 20:27:14 CST 2011

Hi John, 
      Sorry, but the observation that the New World monkeys (with a
maximum of just five such papillae) results in both Y an V formations
seems to indicate just how homoplastic such formations can be.  The time
spent on this character may have been better spent on molecular data (in
spite of how much you seem to distrust it in general).        
       Frankly I would be more exicted about other possible
synapomorphies shared between chimpanzees and gorillas (as a possible
clade exclusive of humans and australopithecines).  That could easily
make human-orangutan similiarities largely plesiomorphic for the great
apes.  It is an interesting (but largely overlooked) third possible
alternative cladistic topology.            

John Grehan wrote:
     In New World monkeys the usual number is three or less. A few
species may go to about five in a Y or V formation. 

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