[Taxacom] Neglected Dipterists - more members to exchange relevant information?

Phillip S. Boegh 2phillipsmail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 04:22:41 CST 2011

Dear Dipterist at TaxaCom

In cooperation with trend-setting Diptera sites, a TaxaCom-like* 
community is created especially for dipterists to strengthen the 
collaboration and to filter information. We do our very best to make it 
user-friendly :-)

1384 Dipterists are recently invited, but without purpose, we have 
neglected some dipterists due to missing or wrong email-addresses. If 
you haven't received any email and work with Diptera, or if you have had 
difficulties to use the facility, please send me a 'request for an 
account' at psboegh at snm.ku.dk. It is perfect, if you tell us your 
Diptera interest(s)**, and we'll place you in the right sub-community or 
you may create your own and invite new collaborate colleagues.

Although the TaxNet for Dipterists communities have just started, you 
can already find new & forgotten dipterists in your fields, invite and 
share info with selected colleagues in your own communities or discuss 
openly. Outside or inside your community, you can post blogs with 
observations, upload images, publications, share files, create simple 
Wiki 'Pages' - as simple as in Facebook and TaxaCom - but with a diptera 
specific purpose. Besides, you can co-decide the family synonyms to be 
used in EU- and GBIF-databases. To see the practical options, please 
notice the Help text at:

Best wishes,

Phillip Sc. Boegh
Candidate of Science
Research coordinator (EU-project PESI)

* This Diptera section of TaxNet is a supplement to other Diptera 
communication sites. Beside a productive facility, we also benefit by 
getting experiences about how to optimal collaborate in the taxonomists 
world. We aim to let the Dipterists fully take over this facility and if 
suitable, let it integrate into Diptera.info. If you use it, TaxNet will 
be expanded to all organisms and the EU expert database 
www.editexpertnet.org.  TaxNet for Dipterists starts with 1270 members 
and 26 sub-communities including 10-400 specialists. Now, 31 motivators 
and moderators are ready to make your community alive and secure a 
pleasant atmosphere (netiquette).

** Your Diptera interest may be in a taxonomic family or in cross-family 
issues such as diptera indicators, diptera pests, diptera predators, 
diptera molecular systematics or other issues that may be relevant to a 
number of Dipterists.

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