[Taxacom] chimp-gorilla clade is not being seriously debated

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Fri Jan 14 17:19:25 CST 2011

Hi John, 
        I rambled on way too much last night (which I tend
to do when I am tired and frustrated). I actually think the whole
orangutan debate has been helpful by challenging an exclusive
chimp-hominid clade, and that is a good thing if it (hopefully) spurs a
much needed search for evidence of a chimp-gorilla clade.                    
       However, I believe that your taking the
morphological evidence "at face value" is risky. Risky because not all
shared characters are synapomorphies (and many will probably turn out to
be symplesiomorphies or even homoplasies). And it's even riskier if you
reject molecular data (like LINEs and SINEs) that could shed light on
whether they are symplesiomorphic or not.   

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