[Taxacom] Taxacom Digest, Vol 58, Issue 13

Sergio Vargas sevragorgia at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 14:24:06 CST 2011


>  Unfortunately, with DNA sequence data, one has to build the tree before being able to identify the
>  putatively uniquely shared similarities since there is no way to do this beforehand for each character>  since there are only four characters that replace each other rather than different character states as>  in morphogenetics.

I don't get this.

Why is not possible to propose "uniquely shared similarities" from 
sequence data?

Imagine you have 3 protein coding orthologous sequences with no gaps (to 
avoid alignment sensitivity) belonging to three spp. Why is not possible 
to establish that sp A and sp B share an A (or a His if you use 
aminoacids) in position 35 of the sequence, or better say why is not 
possible to treat this as an "uniquely shared similarity" before the 



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