[Taxacom] BHL & GBIF data vetted

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Wed Jan 19 06:14:47 CST 2011

Dear taxacomers

Wolfgang wrote "Maybe an optimistic dream: but in the early stages of this
"official decade of biodiversity", it shouldn't be impossible to organize
more substantial funding for fundamental things..."

Unfortunately Wolfgang there is plenty of funding for computer
infrastructure and data aggregators but no funding for
taxonomist/systematists to provide updated information and/or corrections
thus errors are continued from hard copy formats into electronic formats.
This online information is worryingly used by policy makers as the
"current accepted truth" regardless that it maybe decades out of date.

This lack of funding for taxonomist to do the fundamental
nomenclatural/systematic work really annoys me greatly at the moment.
Rather than do the job properly from the beginning with funded taxonomists
revising families, we are just producing garbage quickly that will need
decades to correct and in the long term an inefficient use of lack of
scientific funding.

I leave you all with a question: How many taxonomists could we have
employed rather than pay for GBIF?

Fiona Young
Curator of Lacistemataceae Holistic Database @ www.lacistemataceae.org
[Currently looking for £15,000 funding to finish my taxonomic research in
order to write a report for IUCN Red List of Threatened Species!]

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