[Taxacom] bioinformatics on collecting in South East Asia

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I just tried the genus name but did not turn anything up.

John Grehan

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Hi John,

hmm, checking GBIF for that genus might help, hopefully returns some 
location data and data providers. Then scholar.google should retrun some

of the publications...

That how I would approach the issue.

best Fabian

On 19.01.11 16:38, John Grehan wrote:
> I would be most grateful if anyone could tell me how I might find out
> about any collecting of Lepidoptera that has occurred in the vicinity
> the Celebes-Timor-NW New Guinea triangle. I am interested in one
> particular genus of moths, and while no doubt there are specimens
> scattered here or there in various museums, finding out would seem a
> laborious task. I have had the impression over the years that some
> institutions have made extensive collecting surveys in this region,
> I have no idea who or whether this included Lepidoptera. Any clues on
> this would be most welcome. Ideally there would be a database of such
> collecting, but I presume that is something that does not exist at
> present.
> John Grehan
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