[Taxacom] draft BioCode

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Sat Jan 22 02:09:59 CST 2011

I see that the new 2011 draft-BioCode (to be published 
in the February issue of Taxon)  is now online at

I have not looked at it all that closely, but it is very 
noticeable that there are three new ranks added. 
This includes the "prospecies" which is there to continue 
the way the zoological Code deals with subspecies.
This "prospecies" replaces "subspecies" for zoological
names and new names ("subspecies" remains only for 
names established under the botanical or bacteriological 
Codes). This strikes me as at least somewhat at odds 
with the basic premise of the BioCode, which is to start
anew, with a clean slate, not encumbered by all the quirks 
that history has forced into the existing Codes. Surely,
it would have been a lot simpler to just adopt the 
Principle of Coordination for new names at all ranks
below the level of species. This is what the botanists 
discussed adopting in the past, generally agreeing
that this would be desirable, but too dangerous and 
upsetting to do for existing names, retroactively.
And similar for other principles; it now looks overly 


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