[Taxacom] Pop article on taxonomy's decline

Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Wed Jan 26 17:14:51 CST 2011

... that would be me...

I promise everyone to try and keep rich properly fed so as to minimize his 'rants"....


On 1/26/11 1:09 PM, "Kevin Tilbrook" <kevin_j_tilbrook at yahoo.co.uk<mailto:kevin_j_tilbrook at yahoo.co.uk>> scribbled the following tidbit:

Less of a rant - more of a rallying cry!

And look, someone saw fit to employ an alpha-taxonomist!

I play all roles, and I would rank their importance in the following order:

1) Naturalist
2) Collector
3) Alpha taxonomist
4) Database Developer
5) Systematist

Sorry for the rant -- I haven't had food yet today....


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