[Taxacom] Pop article on taxonomy's decline

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Dear Frank,

I am of course aware of the potential benefits of ZooBank, but conscious that both the newly established taxa (looking forwards, i.e. post some sort of registration acceptance) and the legacy taxa (looking backwards) need to be included. Is there any development of a strategic approach to how the latter might be achieved?

Regards - Tony Rees (hoping that ZooBank and Zoological Record might even work together some day)

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ZooBank, although further down the line, could do it for animals (excluding fungi :-)) if mandatory registration becomes acceptable to the community, and when it is further developed.
Subject to funding to be obtained, ZooBank intends to link or even archive to electronic version of the original descriptions. In the long term this would mean a complete database of available names and their descriptions.
We are working on it.


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