[Taxacom] Success criteria of a collaboration facility?

Phillip S. Boegh 2phillipsmail at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 06:57:30 CST 2011

Dear Taxonomists

What is success criteria of a collaboration facility?

1 8-) Does a collaboration facility improve collaboration? This is 
related to the present email-collaboration.

Must collaboration success imply:
2 :-\ $$. Compete for fast money to projects or sustainable funding for 
the taxonomists?
3 :-* Time-saving? This is related to whether you need “All to be done 
from this facility”
4 ;-) Inspiration from an open forum - to debate or answer your questions?
5 :-x A closed & filtered facility?: Do you like the facility by default 
discern career from non-career taxonomists, plus peer reviewed 
information from other information? This is related to: Who is an expert 
and what is appropriate information?
6 :-[ Peer review, Open peer review (Wikipedia) or a Secure platform for 
database classification?

If you go to:, 
you'll find suggestions that elaborate the above points 1-6. However, we 
are more curious about your expectations :-) !?

Best wishes,

Phillip Bøgh
Candidate of Science
Research coordinator, EU-project PESI

P.S. This has been posted among diptera researchers, who has reminded me 
about the necessity of public debate of how theory of science and 
science management are developing. I regret that these researchers do 
not want to step forward in public, but I thank them for their essential 
objections, as they lines up the way taxonomic management must change 
due to the decreased number of experts.

Here are some of the first 3 weeks successes: An expert has told us that
his taxon is found outside what was known for his species, one has 
refuted a misunderstanding - a photo was not from an area outside the 
range of his species, one discussion has lead to a structural change in 
a systematic site (Systema Dipterorum) that again will gain a change in 
Fauna Europaea.
Finally quite a few members have got a hint to identify their species 
from their uploaded images.

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