[Taxacom] Pop article on taxonomy's decline

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sat Jan 29 21:53:14 CST 2011

     That a backlog of 263,925 plant species are unresolved is extremely
depressing.  I would guess that far less than 20% of them are good
species.  Splitters tend to far outnumber lumpers in most taxonomic
groups (some plant families are probably more problematic than others in
terms of such oversplitting).  As in zoology, I suspect there is a lot
of taxonomic noise amid which there might be 5-10% really worth looking
at seriously.  Oddly, this in contrast with APG's tendency to "overlump"
Orders of angiosperms.  Maybe somewhere in between botanists are now
doing a pretty good job at the family level for most orders.  O either
side, there seems to be more of an imbalance (too many species and too
few Orders).                                --------Ken               
P.S.  There also seems to be a recent resurgence of very excessive
posting lengths on TAXACOM due to failure to trim off old postings.
Perhaps not as annoying as excessive species splitting, but annoying
nevertheless.  This got a lot better in recent months, but this probelm
seems to be resurfacing again.   


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