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yet I still would like to know if a funding agency would rather back-up 
a project on biogeography/phylogeography with a strong taxonomic 
component or a taxonomic project including revisionary work, sampling, 
etc. with a strong biogeographic/phylogeographic component. My feeling 
is that if say you'll do taxonomy in order to been able to further 
proceed in other direction agencies tend not to support your proposals, 
if you do it the other way around placing taxonomy as a necessary step 
for "more advance research" then it's all ok... just a feeling 
perhaps... but if true this would mean that there is a bias in the 
reviewer pool (that think taxonomy is not "advanced research" whatever 
that means) or that taxonomist are not able to communicate that their 
field is actually advance research.


On 1/31/11 3:57 PM, Silvio Nihei wrote:
> Besides the systematic view, one might want to know whether a given 
> species or clade occurs in a given area. Simply listing species is not 
> a trivial task, hence a list of species implies more than a sequence 
> of taxonomically/alphabetically listed taxa. To know that a species or 
> clade is present or absent (if sampling has been good enough) in a 
> given area implies a number of explanatory hypothesis to understand 
> why the species occur (or not) in that area.
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