[Taxacom] Call for proxy votes for the forthcomingInternational Botanical Congress

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
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In other words if not enough Africans use the services of those who have
the power to make the change then too bad.

Nothing more stable than keeping a type name with a type.

John Grehan 

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This is NOT for the convenience of taxonomists, african or otherwise ...
it's for the convenience of the users of the services taxonomist provide
- paramount of which is a stable method of naming taxonomic groups.

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Fred R. Barrie, Secretary

-----   Botanical nomenclature has always been governed in a democratic
General Committee for Botanical Nomenclature

Even democracy can be abused. If I am correct that the current Type is
for an African taxon, then one might ask how many botanical
nomenclaturists are in Africa vs in Australia-South America. Perhaps I
am wrong, but it might seem as if non-Africans are making a grab for
what is currently an African type to suit their (non-African)
convenience, never might the convenience of African taxonomists.

John Grehan


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