[Taxacom] Call for proxy votes for the forthcoming International Botanical Congress

Kim van der Linde kim at kimvdlinde.com
Thu Jul 7 16:56:46 CDT 2011


On 7/7/2011 2:02 PM, Karl Magnacca wrote:
> Scaptomyza wasn't split off, it's morphologically very distinct
> everywhere except Hawaii and was often thought to be relatively
> unrelated to Drosophila.

Yup, with as a result that Grimaldi moved a bunch of Drosophila 
subgenera to Scaptomyza. So yes, there was a genus because it was 
different, but that does not change that the sister clade of genus 
Scaptomyza is a collection of species groups within a subgenus 
Drosophila that was lumped back because a latter published species list 
did not list all species of the clade as belonging to Idiomyia. :-)


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