[Taxacom] Genera Triton Linnaeus and Bulis Gistl

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yes, there are 3 Triton homonyms  (see 
http://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Triton), that is clear, but the 
homonymy starts to go crazy (plus other confusions) when you try to track the 
three names to present day ...

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Well, I’ve got a little further – the WoRMS entry appears to have confused 
Triton Linnaeus with Triton Laurenti, 1768, which is in Amphibia but is not a 
valid name (it was replaced by Oiacurus Leuckart 1821, currently a syn. of 
Triturus Rafinesque, 1815 it seems).
Does not resolve the original question, however…
- Tony
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it's lookin' like a real mish mash of homonymy ... I'll get back to you when I 
have untangled it (or you can follow my progress on Wikispecies) ...


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Subject: [Taxacom] Genera Triton Linnaeus and Bulis Gistl

Dear all,

I am trying to understand why the genera Triton Linnaeus and Bulis Gistl 
("emend. pro Triton L. 1758") are both listed as "Crustacea" in Nomenclator 
Zoologicus here: http://www.ubio.org/NZ/PDF/Vol4/pg0570.pdf 

and here: http://www.ubio.org/NZ/PDF/Vol1/pg0500.pdf

when it appears they should be molluscs, I think, see Syst. Nat. p. 658: 
http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/25034469 - though I am not sure what type of 
mollusc, or whether indeed I am correct here.

Interestingly the World Register of Marine Species entry for a junior homonym, 
Triton Montfort, 1810 says "Invalid: junior homonym of Triton Linnaeus, 1758 
[Amphibia]"... presumably just an error, though not obvious why.

Is anyone able to offer insight into what may be going on here?

Regards - Tony

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