[Taxacom] Genera Triton Linnaeus and Bulis Gistl

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well, in an interesting spin-off confusion from Triton ... one of the homonyms 
is Triton Montfort, 1810 (genuine Mollusca). There appears to be a problem in 
relation to this name, see:
http://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Triton_Montfort and
Basically, since Tritonalia isn't a homonym (one of the few names involved that 
isn't), it must be the VALID name of either Charonia or Ocenebra, both of which 
are currently considered valid! There are two disputed interpretations of 
Tritonalia, one by Nomenclator Zoologicus, and the other by WoRMS, but even if 
WoRMS has the correct interpretetion (which seems likely), then Tritonalia is 
the VALID name for Ocenebra!


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Well, I’ve got a little further – the WoRMS entry appears to have confused 
Triton Linnaeus with Triton Laurenti, 1768, which is in Amphibia but is not a 
valid name (it was replaced by Oiacurus Leuckart 1821, currently a syn. of 
Triturus Rafinesque, 1815 it seems).
Does not resolve the original question, however…
- Tony
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it's lookin' like a real mish mash of homonymy ... I'll get back to you when I 
have untangled it (or you can follow my progress on Wikispecies) ...


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Subject: [Taxacom] Genera Triton Linnaeus and Bulis Gistl

Dear all,

I am trying to understand why the genera Triton Linnaeus and Bulis Gistl 
("emend. pro Triton L. 1758") are both listed as "Crustacea" in Nomenclator 
Zoologicus here: http://www.ubio.org/NZ/PDF/Vol4/pg0570.pdf 

and here: http://www.ubio.org/NZ/PDF/Vol1/pg0500.pdf

when it appears they should be molluscs, I think, see Syst. Nat. p. 658: 
http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/25034469 - though I am not sure what type of 
mollusc, or whether indeed I am correct here.

Interestingly the World Register of Marine Species entry for a junior homonym, 
Triton Montfort, 1810 says "Invalid: junior homonym of Triton Linnaeus, 1758 
[Amphibia]"... presumably just an error, though not obvious why.

Is anyone able to offer insight into what may be going on here?

Regards - Tony

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