[Taxacom] Collecting Samples From Another Country

Fabian Haas fhaas at icipe.org
Wed Jul 13 07:27:48 CDT 2011

Yes bad, and things get more and more complicated, also through ABS of 
the CBD

In any case, I think its fair to assume that you need a collection 
permit everywhere you go these days. Even in your home countries. And 
there is no way around it!

Cheers Fabian

On 13/07/2011 15:15, Levent Can wrote:
> Dear all,
> I wanted to inform you all about some incidents happened here in Turkey.
> Unfortunately, researchers from the Netherlands and Spain have been arrested
> by customs and police officers for collecting plant materials without a
> legal permission. The media here in Turkey, followed these events with high
> interest and I would say that such events are quite trendy in these days.
> Today, newspapers reported that a group of entomologists from Czech
> Republic were arrested at the Turkish border. Reported is that they tried to
> escape with more than 6000 specimens.
> Of course, this series of events wouldn't be a big deal if the folks from
> the Netherlands weren't caught with the last remaining 57 bulbs of a highly
> threatened endemic Fritillaria species from Erzurum. The villagers now keep
> an eye on every foreigner who tries to catch a butterfly or just want to
> smell a beautiful rose. It is hard to work on the field even for us as
> "local" researchers, without being disturbed by villagers or even officers.
> Lev


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