[Taxacom] Collecting Samples From Another Country

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Mon Jul 18 19:16:46 CDT 2011

Because some of us taxonomists made the case in the late 80ties and into
the Earth Summit that $$$ are in form of genes are laying out there in the
forests and in the coral reefs and thus they ought to be checked.
The $$$ have been picked up by the politicians in the Earth Summit and the
following convention on biodiversity conservation (CBD) and thus they
decided to close of these riches for potential robbers (taxonomist among
them). Since we taxonomist left the genies our of the bottle we are at the
very base of this.
It was stupid (in my view) to come up with this naive idea in the first
hand, and then even more not to lead the debate and later fight against
the follow up by explaining why reseach is something different then
commercial bioprospecting.

The situation is less worth then a couple of years ago. See the Access and
Benefit Sharing (ABS) of biodiversity resources


> Fabian wrote:
> "In any case, I think its fair to assume that you need a collection
> permit everywhere you go these days. Even in your home countries. And
> there is no way around it!"
> I wonder how and why this happened.
> I also wonder whether it helps to protect and maintain populations of
> specimens to be collected, or whether it helps local researchers anywhere,
> or whether it promotes scientific endeavor and progress in any way that I
> fail to recognize.
> So what is the good of this development?
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