[Taxacom] Collecting Samples From Another Country

Jason Mate jfmate at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 13:21:29 CDT 2011

> An enlightened approach to regulation would, obviously, include (1) 
> completely different provisions for different kinds of organisms, and 
> (2) provisions that give waivers to recognized scientific 
> institutions and those affiliated with them...

The obvious question is what happens to entomologists or others not working in institutions? I think your first point plus a proviso for controlling (not restricting) collecting in protected areas is more likely to yield the desired results. Nonaffiliated naturalists are again becoming the backbone of many fields and their work is not getting any easier. Many of these laws have more to do with knee-jerk reactions and a general perception amongst the public that collecting is no longer necessary because:
a) We know it allb) We can use a "tricorder".c) A childish perception of killing (regardless of the booming sales of home and garden pesticides).d) I have to side with Donat that many developing countries have enacted draconian laws to ring-fence their natural wealth. This perception has seeped into popular culture making matters worse (case in point, movies such as Medicine Man). That is the image the public have of field work (tricorder included of course).
In the end field-work may disappear and, like the Laputians, the world will engage in an eternity of navel-gazing. Hopefully I will be dead and buried.

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