[Taxacom] latin out of botany

valery malecot valery.malecot at inh.fr
Wed Jul 20 03:24:27 CDT 2011

Sorry Donat,

don't take your dreams for reality, that will be now
"In order to be validly published, a name of a new taxon [...] must be  
accompanied by a Latin or English description or diagnosis"
thus latin is still there, it is not replaced, you'll just have the  
opportunity to use your mother's tongue also.

Secondly, even if that will be endorsed next week at IBC, you will be  
allow to publish a new botanical taxa with an english-only description  
or diagnosis only on the 1st of january 2012, not next month. Wait a  
bit more...



Donat Agosti <agosti at amnh.org> a écrit :

> The nomenclaturial section at the International Botanical Congress in
> Melbourne voted to allow English to replace Latin as a requirement for the
> diagnosis or description to publish validly a new taxonon. This decision
> is contingent by the ibc next week.
> Donat Agosti
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