[Taxacom] Newsflash from Melbourne

dipteryx at freeler.nl dipteryx at freeler.nl
Wed Jul 20 04:42:42 CDT 2011

Yes, the Melbourne Congress proves to be very decisive.
Not only did it go from a requirement of Latin to one of
either Latin or English and allowed electronic publication
(in anything with an ISSN or ISBN-number) but it did so 
effective from 1 Jan 2012, that is well before the new Code 
will be published. This is a novum, as always new provisions
came into effect (some four months) after publication of the
Code. By the time the Code will be published, it will 
retroactively (by some eight months) have allowed both 
English and electronic publication.

The Congress also decided "to let Australia have the Acacia
name" by some two-to-one majority: it is good to have such a
decisive majority, although I would have preferred to have it 
come out the other way round. There is now some politicking
going on, concerning three "compromise" solutions, but so far 
none of them is expected to live.

Also, the title of the Code is to be altered, no more ICBN!

On a more personal note, I was happy to see the "Epacridoideae"
proposal pass yesterday (that is, if Epacridaceae is treated 
as a subfamily it is to be named Epacridoideae). As some may 
remember this came out of a question asked on this taxacom list. 
So, in a way it is a case of "taxacom amends the ICBN".


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