[Taxacom] english and latin

Rob Smissen SmissenR at landcareresearch.co.nz
Wed Jul 20 06:37:32 CDT 2011

Hi y'all

As an obligate anglophone with essentially no latin I am not really qualified to debate this issue (although I did once, for a time in my youth, date a very fetching latin major).

But, as someone who is often asked to "correct" the (perfectly sensible) english of others, I am concerned none-the-less.

A latin diagnosis is both more and less than a translation from English.

I concur with the babelfish translation of Jacques's (?) remarks

"But let us not mislead there we: the death of Latin is started, in the name of l' Anglo-Saxon hegemony under the pretext of simplication. This article has before a a whole politico-cultural range and n' is thus not in conformity with l' spirit of the Code of nomenclature."

Moreover, English is a poor language for precision, and a joy for dissemblers.

I am for keeping latin, even if I have to learn it, but it cannot be replaced by English.

Perhaps Mandarin?

I struggle to see why this would be necessary, and I see I need to follow these issues more closely ...


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