[Taxacom] FW: Great news: PhytoKeys accepted by PubMedCentral for archiving and indexing!

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Wed Jul 20 16:41:56 CDT 2011

Fyi – The coincidence of the botanists accepting e-publications and the acceptance of Phytokeys in PubMedCentral could not be better timed. The acceptance of a journal into PubMedCentral is at the moment the ultimate solution to secure archiving and to become part of the biomedical corpus of literature.


At the same time Phytokeys, and in fact its older sister Zookeys not only use the next generation technology, the NLM XML publishing and archiving tool set that has been modified to accommodate taxonomic works (ie. Taxpub NLM DTD)  to mark-up the semantic content, such as treatments, names, but also demonstrate the power of this approach the disseminate its content as widely as possible, such as in EOL, Plazi, species-ID, Wikispecies and GBIF.


Though all this is in an early stage in the field of taxonomy, XML based publishing is widespread in science publishing and hopefully in the near future the General Committee will be able to communicate an additional standard for taxonomic publishing.


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Subject: Great news: PhytoKeys accepted by PubMedCentral for archiving and indexing!


Dear PhytoKeys Folks,

On the day where botanists decided to go for electronic publishing at the IBC2011 Melbourne,  I received a confirmation message from the National Library of Medicine of the USA, that PhytoKeys is accepted for archiving in PubMedCentral. In practice this means that all content of PhytoKeys will be archived as PDF and  XML files. In addition, all figures will be archived as separate files as well. The full text will be nicely readable on the PMC website and indexed through the huge machine of NLM, NCBI, etc.

PMC is the kingdom of the biomedicine and molecular biology. Conventional taxonomic journals are not common there, to say the least. I beleive PhytoKeys is (one of) the first botanical  journal to enter the fortress. 

Thank you all who supported the journal with nice mansucripts. Now is the time to enforce it with even more top quality papers!

Best regards, 

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