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NHCOLL-L will be better for that sort of question.


But at my institute we now have a dedicated formalin lab and do all lab
bulk prep work under a fume hood, plus goggles and gloves.

What is also a problem is field workers abandoning formalin and using only
70-80% alcohol instead. That doesn't give adequate preservation for
quality specimens of worms and one ends up with rubbish.


On Thu, July 21, 2011 3:42 am, Lovell, Larry wrote:
> Since Formalin has now been reclassified as a known human carcinogen are
> those who use it rethinking and rewriting PPE SOP's for its use in closed
> areas and open outdoor areas?
> What personal protection equipment is considered safe to protect
> mouth/eyes/nose? Safety glasses, eye goggles, and/or full face shield?
> How about hands?  Chemical gloves?  Nitrile vs Rubbermaid?  Glove length,
> wrist vs forearm? Our lab is undergoing a review of our field and lab SOPs
> and is looking for information on Formalin safe practice standards used in
> museums and academia.
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