[Taxacom] latin out of botany

Ricardo GarcĂ­a Sandoval garcia_s at ciencias.unam.mx
Wed Jul 20 19:22:09 CDT 2011

Richard Zander said:

               Hey, why not Latin or Spanish? In any case....

I vote for that!

 If the community will break with Latin it should do it for the good
of a better and more productive solution.

Better to have a list of accepted languages (Spanish, English, French,
German, Latin and Portuguese for start) and have to publish diagnosis
in TWO different languages.

This will provide the reader with a second point of reference in the
future (lest say 150 years from now)

The use of Latin was defended because is a  dead language, diagnosis
wrote in Latin will mean the same now and 100 years from today. 200
year English (British or American) is not the same as today. If you
will use living and changing languages at least use two for having a
better reference.


Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval

2011/7/20 Donat Agosti <agosti at amnh.org>

> The nomenclaturial section at the International Botanical Congress in
> Melbourne voted to allow English to replace Latin as a requirement for the
> diagnosis or description to publish validly a new taxonon. This decision
> is contingent by the ibc next week.
> Donat Agosti
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