[Taxacom] Another big step forward (addendum)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Wed Jul 20 21:38:29 CDT 2011

      I meant to say: Could this include taxa "formerly" regarded as
fungi (like oomycetes)?  Other such taxa would include Hyphochytriales,
Labyrinthulales, Thraustrochytriales (i.e. water molds and slime nets),
which actually turned out to be heterokonts/straminopiles.  But my main
question is still about Microsporidia (clearly more closely related to
true fungi, but still generally bear zoological family names).
I wrote:
Dear All, 
      I am curious what is meant by "organisms treated as fungi".  Could
this include taxa formally regarded as fungi (like oomycetes)?  And more
importantly, does it include Microsporidia, which are now regarded as 
sister group or increasingly as a part of Eumycota (true fungi)?            
       I find it surprising that Microsporidia are generally still
treated as zoological taxa (with family names ending in -idae).  Anyway,
would they qualify as "organisms treated as fungi", and thus requiring
electronic registration under the new ruling of the Botanical Congress?   
           --------Ken Kinman 


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