[Taxacom] latin out of botany

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As an anglophone (if you count Australian), I believe that I do know the function of "or" - in usual conversation, the exclusive version, as opposed to the inclusive version (=and/or) used by logicians. My French dictionary, by the way, translates "ou" as "or; either; else, or else", and "soit"  as (inter alia) "either, whether, or".

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  Le 20/07/11, à 8:55 -0500, nous recevions de Peter Stevens :

>Simply: english and/OR latin. A great step
>forward (with electronic publication also).

[J. M.]   C'est-à-dire... « English or Latin ».
C'est bien ce que je disais : beaucoup
d'anglophones ne connaissent plus la fonction de
« or »... et les inconditionnels de l'anglais
prétendents pourtant imposer cette langue comme
langue universelle de la botanique !

    Jacques Melot

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>Dear Donat,
>just to clarify, as I read "allow English to replace Latin" in your
>mail I understood "english only", while this may have been better
>given as is "allow English or Latin" which means
>- you can have the diagnosis in english only
>- you can have the diagnosis in latin only
>- you can have one diagnosis in english and one in latin
>in all these three situations your name will be validly published (if
>other validating conditions are respected)
>und entschuldigung, ich wusste nicht daB ihre Muttersprache war
>(This is the closest to schwiizertüütsch I can propose :)
>Donat Agosti <agosti at amnh.org> a écrit :
>>  Dear Valery
>>  I understand it is a Latin OR English, and not English AND Latin, and what
>>  is a few months - that's the time to write just the first descriptions
>>  without Latin...
>>  Donat
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>>  Sorry Donat,
>>  don't take your dreams for reality, that will be now
>>  "In order to be validly published, a name of a new taxon [...] must be
>>  accompanied by a Latin or English description or diagnosis"
>>  thus latin is still there, it is not replaced, you'll just have the
>>  opportunity to use your mother's tongue also.
>>  Secondly, even if that will be endorsed next week at IBC, you will be
>>  allow to publish a new botanical taxa with an english-only description
>>  or diagnosis only on the 1st of january 2012, not next month. Wait a
>>  bit more...
>>  Sincerely
>>  Valery
>>  Donat Agosti <agosti at amnh.org> a écrit :
>>>  The nomenclaturial section at the International Botanical Congress in
>>>  Melbourne voted to allow English to replace Latin as a requirement for the
>>>  diagnosis or description to publish validly a new taxonon. This decision
>>>  is contingent by the ibc next week.
>  >> Donat Agosti

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