[Taxacom] Newsflash from Melbourne

dipteryx at freeler.nl dipteryx at freeler.nl
Thu Jul 21 03:34:31 CDT 2011

In my last post I miss-spelled "Alexander Sennikov".
My apologies.

The mycological deposition of important data did
indeed pass, as did the throwing out of Art. 59,
as it now exists.

The Section also spent a long time on Acacia,
quickly dismissing the Brummitt proposal (= everybody 
gets their own Acacia), but going over the Turland 
proposal (= nobody gets Acacia; everybody loses) in 
detail, although it was clear from the outset it had 
no chance whatsoever (it was voted down 70-30%
eventually, to the relief of Nick Turland). 
Presumably, the African community will now publish 
the name Acanthacacia and submit a conservation 
proposal for it, to be approved or disapproved of
in six years.


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