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> And another thing . . .
> I've had a conversation or two with colleagues who have indicated that we haven't see the last of Botanical Latin. This is because there are people who would rather die than write a diagnosis or description in English, particularly given the actions of the Melbourne Congress.
> There are now plenty of aids for composing Latin.  Those in countries that do not have English as official language can make their feelings known by using Latin.
Latin doesn't make sense when not the whole description has been 
published in Latin. Only a one liner in Latin will not help much to 
understand a new Taxon.
This will be the same with a diagnosis in English and for example a full 
description in Chinese. So it would be really a step forward when the 
full description has to be published in English.
Of course I prefer Dutch (and others will prefer their own language), 
but I don't think that make sense:-)


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