[Taxacom] e-publishing in botany also formally accepted at IBC.

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Sat Jul 30 05:17:29 CDT 2011

Yes, for all practical purposes the date of importance is
1 Jan 2012. Strictly speaking it is a little more complicated.

1) At the moment the date will be 1 Jan 2012
2) On 1 Jan 2012 nothing will happen, as the provision will 
come into effect only with the publication of the new Code. 
3) However, when the Code is published (Aug/Sept?) and the 
provision does come into effect, all the names so published 
since 1 Jan 2012 will not only suddenly come into existence,
but will have been existing since their date of publication. 
In retrospect, the date of change will have been 1 Jan 2012. 

So between 1 Jan 2012 and the date of publication of the Code
these names will be in limbo (waiting to have been existing
since 1 Jan 2012). And if there should be no published Code,
or if a future Code reverses the provision, it is in limbo 
that they reside permanently ...

The joys of having a retroactive Code!


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The date of effect is 1 Jan 2012, I guess a respectable interval to give
people time to line up ducks, or whatever it is they have to do to deal with
a brave new world.

No idea how long it takes to edit and print (ugh! such an ugly and passe
word these days) the new edition of the code.  Somehow, I don't think those
with elecrons poised are going to be worrying too much. :)


 On Jul 30, 2011 12:54 PM, "Neal Evenhuis" <neale at bishopmuseum.org> wrote:
> What? Caution? Why be prudent? If the botanists can do it - isn't that
proof enough that it is OK?
> In actuality, if the ICZN votes "yes" on the amendment proposal, the
botanists will be watching US since the ICZN amendment doesn't have to wait
for a new Code and can be enacted right after the vote. I'm pretty sure the
botanists have to wait for a new ICBN book to come out first ....
> -Neal

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