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Hello Taxacom,

I just sent this email to the Entomological Collections Network, but you all might be a source for more information as well (or will at least want to know about what's happening in Hungary).

Hopefully this situation is not as horrifying as it sounds,

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> Date: March 2, 2011 10:59:53 AM EST
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> Subject: news from Hungary?
> Hello ECNers,
> Have any of you heard nasty rumors about what's happening at the Hungarian Natural History Museum? My understanding is that a new military and police university (starting January 2012) will be reclaiming the new museum building (Ludovika Academy) and that the government has not only cut their funding contribution by 100%, but that they are asking for the museum to pay MORE funds back to the government. It sounds like the museum will close for a minimum of three months and that staff scientists are, to say the least, worried about their future and the future of the collections.  The government has provided NO options for new space, nor will they be providing the means to safely move the collections.
> This news is from my Hungarian colleague (based here at NCSU). We're looking for more details if anyone has them. We're not sure how this will impact the entomology collection, which is still housed in the old building, but clearly there is a tragedy brewing in Budapest.
> Andy

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