[Taxacom] Carex Europaea

Jacob Koopman jackoopman at e-cho.pl
Thu Mar 3 15:10:56 CST 2011



I’m new on the list. Bruno Wallnöfer from Vienna has tipped me. I’ve almost
finished a thorough publication, book, about all Carices and their hybrids
in Europe. It’s about their Accepted Names, all synonyms, distribution,
hybrids, number of chromosomes and some more details. I’m in good contact
with a publisher, who would like to see at least 50 copies pre-ordered.

I’m a scientist, not a businessman, but this is what one of my
correspondents said about it:


“Hi All


Jacob Koopman has secured a publisher for his monumental Carex Europaea.  In
this he gives all the accepted names for all European Carex species and
hybrids, synonyms, distribution in Europe, etymology, chromosome numbers,
authorities etc and better than outstanding colour photographs of all the
species.  However, his publisher would also like to have 50 pre-ordered
copies (11 are already secured).  Would you be interested in ordering a copy
for either yourself or an institution?  It really is a must have for any
herbarium and university library, at least 2 copies for the latter as they
may have a thriving Caricology Department, (and eminent caricologists).


If you would like further information you can contact Jacob on
jackoopman at e-cho.pl, and I'm sure he would be happy to answer any questions.




ps if you would like to contribute to the publication costs (he is seeking
10 000 Euros in total) or know of anyone that may help with publication
costs I'm sure he'd be delighted to hear from you.”


In the meantime I’ve found a first sponsor, Nature Museum Naturalis in
Leiden, Holland, for 2,000 euro. Not enough of course, but a good start.
Furthermore I’ve already sold by pre-ordering 25 books. So just some more
books and the publisher is willing to publish my book. Therefore I place
this email on the list of this Forum. I’m looking forward to hearing from
you. Maybe you’ve even got other hints. Thanks in advance,


All the best,




Jac. Koopman


POLSKA (POLAND) (but born in Holland.






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