[Taxacom] Carex Europaea

Jacob Koopman jackoopman at e-cho.pl
Fri Mar 4 00:31:29 CST 2011

Hi all,


In addition to my mail from yesterday:

Some people have advised me to mention the price of my book Carex Europaea.
According to the publisher the cost will be about 120-140 euro. The 462
photos, 76 pages in the back with each six photos, makes the book relatively
expensive. But compared with other books of this kind I think it's a
realistic price.

Some more details:

1.       The size will be 17 x 24 cm, so text on 14 x 21.

2.       Hard cover.

3.       Manuscript: 505 a4 (plus 76 pages with photos).

4.       Attached a first concept of the front cover, with the showy Carex

In case you want to pre-order one or more copies, so, please, let me know.
As soon as I've got 50 pre-ordered the publisher is willing to publish the


I'm looking forward to hearing from you,


All the best,




Jacob Koopman




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