[Taxacom] joke of the day!

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Sat Mar 5 17:06:43 CST 2011

quote below from: Makhan, D.; Ezzatpanah, S. 2011: A new spider family, 
Hawkeswoodidae fam. nov. and Amrishoonops amrishi gen. et sp. nov. (Araneae) 
from Suriname. Calodema, 136: 1-5.

'Hawkeswoodidae Makhan & Ezzatpanah, fam. nov.
Type genus: Amrishoonops Makhan & Ezzatpanah, gen. nov.Description: Small 
species, body length 1-5 mm. Head with 6 eyes. Last segment of palp small with 
sclerites, basal segment toothless, other segments with teeth-like segments and 
setae. Legs long, spines absent,
with setae. Carapace with large teeth-like projections on anterior side. Abdomen 
with fine teeth-like projections
on anterior side, with setae.Etymology: This family is named after the famous 
biologist from Australia, Dr Trevor John
Hawkeswood (1956- ), one of the world’s greatest natural historians, who has 
published more
than 400 scientific papers in botany, entomology and in many other areas of 
biological science
in Australian and international journals. Hawkeswood has also published an 
attractive and
informative book on Australian spiders as well as a book on the Coleoptera of 
Australia and
has also produced the scientific journals 
discovered numerous plants and insects new to science, most of which he has 
described. His
work has been cited in 
biological journals of the world (see www.calodema.com)'
unfortunately for these guys, Hawkeswoodidae was proposed with Amrishoonops as 
type genus! As it is not formed from the stem of an available generic name, it 
is not available ...
... what can I say?
StephenCalodema and Spilopyra. Hawkeswood has alsoNature and Science and in most 
of the leading entomological and


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