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David Campbell pleuronaia at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 09:00:45 CST 2011

The "name everything ten times in my own publication" school of
taxonomy cannot be ignored because even a blind pig may find an acorn.
 There are enough undescribed taxa out there that anyone can find taxa
that need names, as well as ones that don't.  There are also cases
where the original description did not justify recognition of a new
taxon in anyone else's opinon, but new data (often molecular) do
indicate a difference.  The latter is more troubling, in that the
person who created the name did not do the work that validated it.
However, as already pointed out, this is not that different from
dealing with many early names.  At the same time, sometimes the person
finding valid differences hasn't done much of a literature search.
Even some monographic compilations have simply dismissed names rather
than properly addressing them.

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