[Taxacom] Updated Species Occurrence RDF Examples, Dynamic Browsing of Records via Pivot Interface

Peter DeVries pete.devries at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 18:36:42 CST 2011

I have new occurrence records RDF examples that include the identified TDWG
BioBlitz 2010 records along with my earlier examples.

In the listing of the occurrence records here

The occurrence HTML and RDF are linked at the end of each row.

The species names on the table link to the species concepts (the most
interesting thing there is the RDF structure and LOD representations)

Some maybe confused as to why these are not in DarwinCore.

I thought I should be clear that my point is not that there is something
wrong with the DarwinCore for what it is good for, it is that I think we
should develop some additional form that works well as LOD data.

Perhaps expressed after processing by GBIF?

Here is a possible data flow that I think makes sense original provider
(DarwinCore) => GBIF (cleaning etc.) =>

 => Cleaned Darwin Core
 => Some LOD friendly format

Also my web applications linked to below just serve as a framework for
exposing the data structure.

I would *not* suggest that my occurrence example  web app is ideal for
showing / editing BioBlitz records.

The idea I am trying to get across is meshups and possibilities of
structured LOD data

For example this view from Sig.ma

<http://sig.ma/search?pid=ba0db41b7772e1b06231a8975dcf903b>I recently
changed the occurrence RDF slightly and ID'd two previously unidentified



Here are two bit.ly links to MS Pivot data browsing examples (You will need
MS Silverlight installed for these to work)
* I have attached example screenshots below to give you and idea of what
these look like if the links below don't work for you.

This interface allows you to dynamically browse the data. (Sometimes the
images load slowly)

   Map based view http://t.co/GROIlkH

Image based view http://t.co/5Y17dDp

The entire dataset is described with a void file and CKAN description

I am sorry if some had problems with the earlier Pivot SPARQL query.

The bit.ly link runs a live SPARQL query on URIburner.com which feeds into
MS Pivot for viewing. For some people Pivot had problems parsing the results
of the SPARQL query.

In the future the current working Pivot example will be available here:

<http://www.delicious.com/taxonconcept.org>This and other Pivot example can
be found here: http://www.delicious.com/kidehen/pivot_collection_app

* The MS Pivot example require Silverlight, which you might already have if
you use netflix or similar apps, but they won't work on iPhone or iPad. :-(


- Pete

Pete DeVries
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