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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Fri Mar 11 20:45:50 CST 2011

Hi, Pete.

I've got no complaint about what you're doing, which I think is great. My gripe is that the Web should be a universal medium for communicating. If something goes up that you want other people to look at, it should go up for everyone to look at, not just those people using Windows.

I've been very pleased to see in recent years a gradual extinction of those websites where a Firefox user sees a message something like 'You need Internet Explorer to view this content'. That's happened partly because web developers finally stopped catering to IE's non-compliance with Web standards, and partly because the IE developers slowly emerged from their coding bunker into the real world.

Perhaps Rod Page can help you find a less restrictive SPARQL results 'exposer'/searcher. Since SPARQL has been recommended by the W3C since 2008, I'm sure one exists.

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