[Taxacom] papers required

biomiho biomiho at yahoo.com.tw
Mon Mar 14 00:31:04 CDT 2011

Dear everyone

I need following two papers, could someone help me for the copy ? 

1. Zootaxa 2212: 1-40 (28 Aug. 2009) 
A revision and phylogenetic analysis of the spider genus Coptoprepes Simon 
(Araneae: Anyphaenidae, Amaurobioidinae)

2. Zootaxa 2514 1–23 (22 Jun. 2010) 
Systematic and taxomonic revaluation of four little known Asian agamid species, 
Calotes kingdonwardi Smith, 1935, Japalura kaulbacki Smith, 1937, Salea 
kakhienensis Anderson, 1879 and the monotypic genus Mictopholis Smith, 1935 
(Reptilia: Agamidae)

Best wishes,

Hsu, Ming-Hung.
Department of biological science,
NSYSU, Taiwan.


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