[Taxacom] ICZN Marathon - Stellar finish by Justin Warhurst! (and nudge to give him a congratulatory donation)

ICZN-EM iczn-em at nhm.ac.uk
Tue Mar 15 19:45:24 CDT 2011

Justin finishes his ICZN Marathon in Barcelona!

Adversity started Justin off on the mission to run this marathon, and
continued to pop up its gargoyle-y head at every turn, but nonetheless he
finished in a very respectable 3:52!  Before the race Justin struggled with
a knee injury and ran handicapped, but luckily the pain didn¹t kick in
before mile 20, when the pure determination took over all normal, sensible
decision-making.  The day after the race, with defenses run to low levels,
he  caught a very serious bug and was not well enough to travel back to the
UK until Friday, 5 days after the race. He was marooned in a hotel room all
week. Despite all this, he said nothing can take the glow off this
accomplishment and that Barcelona was gorgeous.

Thanks to those of you who contributed to Justin¹s cause ­ he said it really
helped knowing he had such good well-wishing behind him.

If you had intended to support Justin (or were naughtily waiting to see if
he actually finished the race), there¹s still time to make a congratulatory donation and add
your comments! He did it, despite some pretty enormous hurdles! A donation
need not be large. And remember, your gift to Justin has a long term legacy
value for biodiversity information, in supporting the ICZN.


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