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Wed Mar 16 07:34:38 CDT 2011

Dear Urmas

Do you mean how to handle these in a herbarium database or do you mean how
to format the provisional name?

If the latter, see Plunkett GT, Bruhl JJ, Telford IRH (2009) Two new,
sympatric species of Wahlenbergia (Campanulaceae) from the New England
Tableland escarpment, New South Wales, Australia. Australian Systematic
Botany 22, 319-331.

"These are here referred to as Wahlenbergia sp. Pt Lookout (J.B. Williams
NE 24181) and W. glabra subsp. Pt Lookout (I.R. Telford 10887)."

See http://www.anbg.gov.au/cpbr/herbnews/cpbrnews69.html

"For informal (phrase) names it was agreed that these would all be
included if coined and published before the end of 2005, in the format in
which they had originally appeared.Only major orthographic variants of
phrase names will be listed. If a phrase name is required for interim
listing (eg in case of conservation) and no latinised published name is
available, then a phrase name will be coined in the CHAH/HISCOM style
described by Bill Barker in ASBS Newsletter 122: 11–12 (2005). All
users/coiners of new informal names are urged to adopt this style in
future, and to encourage this, it was resolved that after 31 December
2005, the only new phrase names to be accepted into the CC will be those
constructed in the CHAH/HISCOM style. All others will be ignored."

Jeremy Bruhl

Dear all,

Can you suggest any database model (or paper discussing this) where
provisional names of the new taxa are implemented?

Best wishes,
Urmas Kõljalg

Prof. Urmas Kõljalg
40 Lai Str.
Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences
University of Tartu
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