[Taxacom] ERA Journal ranking by ARC: still time: Key dates

jbruhl at une.edu.au jbruhl at une.edu.au
Wed Mar 16 07:54:32 CDT 2011

It turns out that there is still time to submit suggestions for new
journals and suggestions for ranking of existing journals. Can I please
enourage you all to look and comment on at least your favourite taxonomic
journals, so that there is a weight of numbers in favour of upping the
ranking of various taxonomic journals at least in the eyes of the
Australian Research Council.

It is generally pretty easy to come up with either an empirical or
comparative argument or even an impact/longevity argument for why various
taxonomic journals should be raised from "C" to "B" or from "B" to "A".
You only need to make a short argument. I suspect that many, somewhat
different arguments from you, the users/readers/authors will really help
journals such as "Australian Systematic Botany", "Kew Bulletin" and
"Telopea" to name but three, to be increased one level during the current
ERA review.

KEY DATES (https://roci.arc.gov.au/)

New journal and conference submission closes
8:00am (AEDT), 21 March 2011

Public consultation closes
8:00am (AEST), 4 April 2011

Please see below and/or the previous posting on the ERA 2012.
Many thanks.

n general, systematics journals, and particularly plant systematics
journals are ranked relatively low! No surprise to many of us and I will
not waste time arguing the point or explaining why I think that is the
case. I have made a list of some relevant journals and you can download
this small PDF from this link:
> http://www-personal.une.edu.au/~jbruhl/ERA-Plant-taxonomy-journals
> The ERA review is a critical and timely chance for us to make a
difference which has important flow on effects for systematics,
especially in Australia. This is a rare chance to make a difference by
participating in the public review (whether or not you live or work in
> Whether you are inside our outside Australia, can you please take the
time to check the systematics journals you are interested in and make
your suggestions for their rankings (I hope either endorsing the ranking
or suggesting increasing the ranking!
> The ARC site and registration link is
> https://roci.arc.gov.au/
> You will have to register, which is quick. There is a search engine for
finding relevant journals at the site, which works well.
> Reviewing already listed journals; e.g. to recommend an increase in the
ranking takes a few minutes per journal, but you do have to comment on
one journal at a time.
> It took me twice as long to recommend a journal for listing, but that is
important too.
> The more recommendations on the same journal, I suspect, the more likely
the recommendations will be taken notice of.
> If you can spare some precious time in the next couple of days, I would
be most grateful. The review closes 14 March Australian local time!
> Here is some information to save you time:
> If you search for a journal and it is not listed, a box at the top of
the screen will appear with "Nominate a new Journal or
Conference<https://roci.arc.gov.au/Outlet/Create>", click on that to
nominate the Journal.

> If you need to find an ISSN or the start year of a journal, try
searching on the NLA website: http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/610670
> The FOR code I have used is 0603 which is the umbrella for systematics.
> 0603 - Evolutionary Biology
> Please pass this onto colleagues likely to complete some positive
reviews. Many thanks.

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