[Taxacom] ALL angiosperms in just one Subclass Magnoliidae???

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Wed Mar 16 21:42:30 CDT 2011

Dear All, 
      Is is true that APG III (2009) reduced ALL angiosperms
to just a single Subclass Magnoliidae?  I don't think even the PhyloCode
is taking such an extreme position of their taxon Magnolidae (which
actually is, or at least was, last time I reviewed their proposals, more
in line with traditional views).                
     To classify angiosperms as a just a single Subclass of
plants is the height of the paraphylophobic knee-jerk (and simplistic)
reaction to paraphyletic taxa in general. It is Hennigism at its worst.
I wonder if even Hennig would approve of such extremism.        
       I'm sure Peter Ashlock and Ernst Mayr would likewise be extremely
troubled by this kind of simplistic "cladification".  As I have noted in
the past, I actually had high hopes that botanists would continue to
resist this kind of thing, but maybe I was overly optimistic.  Even
botany seems likely to increasingly abuse the Linnaean system and then
abandon such categories down the line.  The very people who abuse
Linnaean categories continue to condemn them when they don't stand up to
the abuse. It is called "blaming the victim", and it is abuse piled onto
abuse.  But history is full of such examples that it is no big surprise,
even though it is extremely regretable in the long run.    
                  --------Ken Kinman           

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