[Taxacom] (no subject) - fern system

Mary Barkworth Mary.Barkworth at usu.edu
Thu Mar 17 16:51:32 CDT 2011

We are in the slow moving category. Families that are close together alphabetically and in APG III are being brought together first. We have also gone through all our Asteraceae, annotating those from North America (and northern Mexico) according to FNA (except for Wyethia and Balsamorhiza).  In this case, annotation means  nothing more than stating what the equivalent name is according to FNA - and citing the appropriate volume and page number. It usually did not involve re-examination of the specimens.  The rank of angiosperms does not bother us. When I took a one quarter class in survey of the plant kingdom we spent two days on angiosperms - because they are much less diverse than the algae and fungi - which is what occupied about 75% of the quarter. And, despite the title of the course, we were told that fungi were probably more closely related to animals than green plants. 


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