[Taxacom] penile spines and hominid origins

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Thu Mar 24 08:36:43 CDT 2011

For those interested, here was the response to the text I drafted on the
evolution of penile spine loss in humans.


Dear Dr Grehan,


Thank you for your submission to Correspondence. Unfortunately, we do
not consider technical comments related to primary research papers for
this section of the journal, which is intended for views on journalistic
features such as Editorials, News and Opinion articles.


You may instead wish to consult Nature's guidelines for authors of Brief
Communications Arising

(www.nature.com/nature/authors/gta/commsarising.html) to see whether
your comment might be suitable for publication in that online section.

Note that Brief Communications Arising are short, refereed criticisms of
our published papers: they usually contain new supportive data and are
published alongside a reply from the criticised author(s).


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Roseann Campbell


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