[Taxacom] number of species of Rosaceae and Rosoideae

Marko Prous mprous at ut.ee
Sat Mar 26 07:27:50 CDT 2011

Dear all,

I would like to know how many species of Rosaceae and/or Rosoideae are 
known from different regions of the World, particularly Europe and China.

I'm naively hoping to estimate how many species of Empria (Hymenoptera, 
Tenthredinidae), which are in most cases monophagous on different 
species of Rosoideae, could be expected in China for example.

There are about 25 species of Empria known from Europe (probably more 
than 95% of the actual number) and it would be interesting to know how 
this corresponds to the number of species of Rosaceae and Rosoideae in 
Europe (Rosoideae as defined here: 

Does anybody know the species numbers or could point me to sources where 
to look up these numbers?

Best wishes,
Marko Prous

Marko Prous
Department of Zoology
Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences
University of Tartu
Vanemuise 46
51014 Tartu

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