[Taxacom] Tegula, tegulae, tegulum, etc.

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Very interesting indeed.  One never knows where the
threads of thought and knowledge carry these topics.

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> Oh, sure. It was introduced (formally at least) at the 1950,
> Stockholm Congress, at the suggestion of  H.J.Lam, as a
> shorthand notation for "taxonomic group". Given the exact
> phrasing (" Taxonomic groups of any category will, in this Code,
> be referred to as taxa (singular: taxon)." ) one might say that the
> introduced term is the plural "taxa", with taxon the singular form.
> The French rendition of the botanical Code at first followed this,
> but switched to the plural form "taxons" in the 1972 edition.
> Zoology also adopted the term taxon, although with a slightly
> different definition. The French rendition of the zoological Code
> switched to the plural form "taxons" only with the 1999 edition.
> Paul
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>> On 2011-05-09 11:31, dipteryx at freeler.nl wrote:
>>> It looks safe to me to say that taxons is the French plural form of
>>> taxon.
>> Although I prefer "taxa", it is my understanding that "taxon" is a
>> coined word without classical use.
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