[Taxacom] ICZN Opinion 105

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Hello Stefan,

Have you tried an unmistakable contraction that might also include 
the initials of the given name?

For example, using your name, Stefan Koenemann.  We could make 
this as STEFKOEMIDAE, or STEKOMIDAE.  The genus name 
would be Stefkoemus or Stekomus.

As long as you explain the origin of the names being generated, 
there should be no problem.

Then, in the section on derivation or origin of the name, you would 
put, "Named in honor of Stefan Koenemann".


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> Dear Taxacom members,
> I have a question regarding the nomenclature of  new species. We would 
> like to name a new species (of Crustacea) after a person, who has 
> supported research on this taxon. However, the family name is rather 
> long, and we do not want to risk suppression of the name as has happened 
> in the famous case of unusually long names assigned to Lake Baikal 
> amphipods (ICZN Opinion 105).
> Is there a way to find out *a priori* whether the epithet might be too 
> long or not, thus avoiding suppression of the publication?
> Stefan
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