[Taxacom] Why everything is not everywhere

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why these things are not everywhere?

an interesting answer in the context of marine invertebrates is proposed in:

Marshall et al. 2010. Phenotype-environment mismatches reduce 
connectivity in the sea. Ecology Letters, 13:128-140

the paper deals with connectivity, hence ecological not biogeographic 
time scales, but is useful anyways.

Jason, Page's panbiogeography paper is:

Page. 1987. Graphs and Generalized Tracks: Quantifying Croizat's 
Panbiogeography. Systematic Zoology, 36: 1-17


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> Well, it works when you are looking at spore bearing species.  Stand
> under a Cyathea with ripe sporangia and you really have to ask
> yourself, just why aren't these damn things everywhere?  I guess the
> same could be asked of marine species with a planktonic larval stage.
> Often the why not question is more more interesting than the why question...:)
> jim

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