[Taxacom] The real story (53 million year rabbit foot)

Richard Petit r.e.petit at att.net
Sat Nov 19 13:37:24 CST 2011

All this talk about hares reminds me of this bit I wrote a couple of years ago for a local publication:

A scientist studying fibers found, quite by accident, that the ear hair of a particular European hare would, when woven into small mats, create a distinct melodious sound when the mats were rubbed together.  In his efforts to create more of these mats, he made the additional discovery that only the ear hairs from descendents of one hare were musical. In each generation, this trait was passed down to only one hare, naturally termed the heir hare. The scientist's daughter set up a booth at a church charity fund-raiser to demonstrate this amazing facility as well as to raise money for the charity.  She made a sign for her booth: HEAR HEIR HARE EAR HAIR HERE!

dick p. 

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